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* Equal contribution


[8] CS-TGN: Community Search via Temporal Graph Neural Networks. [Paper] [Code]
F. Hashemi*, A. Behrouz*, M. Rezaei Hajidehi*.
Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference, WWW 2023.

[7] FirmTruss Community Search in Multilayer Networks. [Paper] [Code]
A. Behrouz*, F. Hashemi*, L. V.S. Lakshmanan.
International Conference on Very Large Databases, VLDB 2023.


[6] Anomaly Detection in Multiplex Dynamic Networks: from Blockchain Security to Brain Disease Prediction. [Paper] [Code]
A. Behrouz, M. Seltzer.
NeurIPS 2022 Temporal Graph Learning Workshop. [Spotlight Talk]

[5] Fast Optimization of Weighted Sparse Decision Trees for use in Optimal Treatment Regimes and Optimal Policy Design. [Paper]
A. Behrouz, M. L'ecuyer, C. Rudin, M. Seltzer.
Advances in Interpretable Machine Learning Workshop in CIKM 2022.

[4] CS-MLGCN: Multiplex Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Community Search in Multiplex Networks. [Paper]
A. Behrouz*, F. Hashemi*.
Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM 2022. [Best Paper Honorable Mention Award]

[3] FirmCore Decomposition of Multilayer Networks. [Paper] [Code]
F. Hashemi*, A. Behrouz*, L. V.S. Lakshmanan.
The ACM Web Conference, WWW 2022.


[2] Green Space and Happiness of Developed Countries. [Paper]
F Hashemi, A. Behrouz, J. Yang, D.Y. Wohn, M. Cha.
IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing 2020.


[1] Secure Credit Reporting on the Blockchain. [Paper]
A. K. Goharshady, A. Behrouz, K. Chatterjee.
IEEE Blockchain 2018.